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LTS-116-2   Amy Head
LTS-103-0   Analysis of Form - Head and Torso Kit
LTS-102-0   Analysis of Form - Starter Kit
LTS-001-0   Analysis of Form Kit
LTS-130-1   Benjamin Body Mold
LTS-110-0   Chiaroscuro Figure Kit
LTS-101-0   Chiaroscuro Kit
LTS-104-0   Cone
LTS-106-0   Cube
LTS-105-0   Cylinder
LTS-108-0   Drawing for Art Educators Kit
LTS-130-2   Drew Body Mold
LTS-220   Drew Head
LTS-130-7   Drew Head Mold
LTS-115-0   Ecorche Armature
LTS-114-0   Ecorche Clay
LTS-125-0   Ecorche Figure
LTS-024-0   Ecorche Kit with Armature set
LTS-140-0   FASCU 130 Fine Arts Sculture Animal Skull Cast
LTS-140-2   FASCU 130 Fine Arts Sculture Materials Kit
LTS-102-1   Fine Arts Master Drawing and Chiaroscuro Starter Kit
LTS-004-1   Foam Block - 10 lbs Density
LTS-130-8   Foundations Body parts
LTS-111-5   Foundations Figure Modeling Materials Kit
LTS-111-1   Foundations Figure Modeling Reference Cast Kit
LST-111-2   Foundations Figure Modeling Reference Cast Kit without Head
LTS-012-1   Head and Figure Sculpture 1 Figure Model
LTS-116-0   Head and Figure Sculpture 1 Head Model, FASCU 234
LTS-117-0   Head and Figure Sculpture 1 Wire Kit, FASCU 234
LTS-130-3   Lani Body Mold
LTS-012-0   Life Size Figure Modeling FASCU 360 & Masters Figurative Sculpture, Life Size FASCU 640 Class model cast.
LTS-012-2   Masters Figure Modeling FASCU 620
LTS-116-1   Masters Figure Modeling Head Model, FASCU 620
LTS-117-1   Masters Figure Modeling Wire Kit, FASCU 620
LTS-012-3   Masters Figure Studio FA 600, Masters Figure Studio 2 FA 627
LTS-130-0   Mold Ward Body
LTS-201   Seated Lani
LTS-000-0   Shipping Charge
LTS-107-0   Sphere
LTS-130-5   Tendai Body Mold
LTS-225   Tendai Head
LTS-130-4   Tendai Head Mold
LTS-119-0   Torso

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